Learning to knit

Knitting has been my bete noir for some time. I have had a Pinterest board called ‘Must Learn to Knit’ for a couple of years and all the gorgeous jumpers that I would love to make have been sitting there taunting me. I love the speed and versatility of crochet but it just doesn’t work so well for garments. I finally grasped the nettle a couple of months ago and actually knitted something that wasn’t just a square that I chucked in my project bag in disgust.


And here it is….isn’t it pretty?


It’s a small circle scarf with diagonal stripes made with two balls of Noro silk garden in two shades that I have lost the labels for! So it is basically a stripe pattern with an increase and decrease on the end of every knit row. Simple but effective. It’s not perfect by any means but I really enjoyed watching the unexpected colour changes emerge.

I really like the noro when knitted up (I hated crocheting with it, the colour changes don’t work) and I like that the scarf is small and I can wear it all day without it getting in my way. I have been very glad of it in the recent cold snap, although today I have my office door open because it is too hot.


I am really chuffed that I have finally won the battle of the wills with the knitting needles. Next project….a jumper.



One thought on “Learning to knit”

  1. I love it too. I have a few of those neck warmer thingys – good for all day. Watch Noro if you wash it the dye simply runs out of it! I am slowly getting quicker, if that is not too much of a juxtapose, at the continental knitting style. I can only do knit though at the moment so the top down jumper is perfect. Jo x


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