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We tend towards a very low-key Valentine’s day in our family and, as with all of our  celebrations, handmade gifts or cards are prized above the expensive and commercial. For us, a small gesture of love is worth ten times more than some mass-produced junk or air-freighted roses, however tempting.

I love the simplicity of scandinavian design and I spent some time looking for a simple, stylish crochet heart design for my little family.  Teresa’s Heart Ornament with its lattice work appealed to me and are a bit more unusual than the average without being too fussy.

This is how mine turned out…

scandinavian heart 013

Unlike many pdf patterns, the instructions are visual and really easy to follow. After making a couple I was able to rattle them off without even looking at the pictures. I used a red cotton yarn (although I will confess that I have no idea which brand of as the label has long disappeared into the bottom of my crochet basket) and a 3mm hook.

I had fun making handmade hearts for my valentine and I hope you do too. They would also look great on the Xmas tree, if you can wait that long!



3 thoughts on “Scandi Loving”

  1. These are adorable! I think I need to make a bunting with them (I love bunting, have never made it, and have always meant to!!).
    It is quite a cute little heart, though, indeed! And not too frilly, so it could be for more than just Valentine’s!

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