Macrame. How very retro.

I am actually very excited about macrame at the moment! I have been commissioned to make 20 macrame plant hangers for a display in a yurt that might just be part of a large, world-famous music festival in June. I have never done macrame before. How hard can it be?


The answer is, not hard at all! I am sure that there are challenging, intricate projects that require a high level of knotting skill, but if you want to make something that looks really effective and takes a short time to master, it’s macrame all the way.

I made these as samples from Tek Tek t-shirt yarn that I had in my stash. I got the idea for using the t-shirt yarn from Pinterest and I think it gives them a fresh, contemporary twist on the 70s jute plant hangers. They are also, as my mum pointed out, completely machine washable. Thanks mum.

These will form part of large display of greenery in Yurtmaker’s large 42ft event yurt (yurtmaker is what I do when I am not messing about with bits of wool). This is our big yurt, made by my very clever Henry. Imagine how stunning 20 plant hangers will look in there.



I suppose I had better get knotting! Thanks for calling in. Mary x


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