Happy Bunting & Blossom

Bunting, blossom, spring sunshine and kids playing in the garden. That’s about perfect really. We are very lucky to have a large, wild garden and this year the apple blossom has been stunning. The traditional apple varieties were planted by my parents 30 years ago and they have recently been subject to some rather vicious pruning, which appears to have given them a new lease of life. The fresh whites, pinks and greens of the bunting (made from old polycotton duvet covers) with the blossom lift even the most cynical of spirits.

I don’t even like florals very much but I like the bunting now that it is finished. I also get a feeling of great satisfaction that it is all recycled from stuff that really would have ended up being shredded. I bought most of the fabric from an amazing recycling project in Telford called Shropshire Loves which collects donated goods and buys textiles from collection bins, gives the relevant and useful garments as aid to refugees and local people, and then sells or recycles what remains. They  even have a craft section where they sort fabrics for up-cycling and a mending section where clothes are repaired for resale. Nothing goes to waste.

Trees, sunshine and making stuff. These things make me happy. Thanks for reading xx


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