Treating myself to a new scarf

As I was rushing to a meeting in Cirencester last week I passed a really lovely looking wool shop in the aptly named Woolmarket shopping arcade. I managed to resist the temptation until after the meeting but I was just forced into a quick visit. It was Three Sheep Wools and if you happen to be passing it is well worth a look.

The woman in the shop was so helpful and excited about what I was planning to make that I was even more compelled to buy something and as a chilly wind was blowing a spring shawl/scarf was on my mind.

A warm welcome at Three Sheep Wools

I bought this stunning peacock blue silk merino blend produced by a women’s cooperative in Uruguay. The label even has the name of the woman that made it and where she lives but unfortunately I can’t read the handwriting. I am very committed to ethical sourcing, fair-trade and initiatives that promote and support women in enterprise, so this ticks a lot of boxes for me. It is also gorgeous and absolutely my colour. Have a look at the Manos Del Uruguay website to see how the yarns are produced, I think it is really interesting to know where my yarn is from.

Merino Silk blend from a women’s cooperative in Uruguay which aims to bring economic and social opportunities to rural women.

Anyway, provenance aside, this is what I made:

2015-04-12 17.55.45

It is the South Bay Shawlette which is a free pattern on Ravelry. I have made these before and I like the pattern which looks quite intricate but is actually very easy. I did a simple border because I am a simple girl and I added a small bit of embellishment in the form of two circles on each corner.

2015-04-12 18.04.01-2


2015-04-12 18.13.06-2

Hope you like it. I do.



4 thoughts on “Treating myself to a new scarf”

  1. I love Manos del Uruguay, and I utterly love Three Sheep Wools. She stocks many very local yarns – Alpacas, shetlands, and a very special Cotswold Sheep wool, from Alfie Purl Yarns and Textiles. Wool made the Cotswolds what they are, and the Woolmarket, next to the Fleece Hotel, is aptly named. That’s a lovely colour on you, and one I’ve managed to resist so far…..I can feel my resistance crumbling. It suits that pattern beautifully – thanks for the link!

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