Rug in progress

Happy Thursday everyone! Things have been pretty chaotic in the construction of yarntangler heights (our extension) and I have been driven to hiding in a quiet corner while the toddler sleeps. Despite all the busyness and plumbers taking the house to bits I have made a bit of progress in rug making, and mighty satisfying it is too, if a little hard on the wrists.

I am using Tek Tek t-shirt yarn made from ‘couture’ factory waste apparently. It is pretty good although it is much chunkier than I was expecting meaning that I have had to considerably adapt what I was planning in order to fit it in the bathroom. It also varies considerably in weight throughout each ball so the results are somewhat ‘rustic’. For what I am doing that is fine but I think my obsession with neatness and nice stitch definition may drive me to another yarn choice for future rug projects.

Anyway this is how it is shaping up… pics taken whilst the small people were captive in the bath.

2015-02-21 19.19.29

2015-02-21 19.22.32


It will look a lot better when the border is added. It is working up very quickly but my evening crochet time is mostly being swallowed up in choosing radiators, thinking about lights and trying to spend a few quality moments with my resident yurt maker. Since the photos were taken the bathroom has been mostly dismantled in order to install a proper heated towel rail heated by our new super-efficient wood burner. Warm dry towels, I can’t wait!

In other news Nana the toddler whisper has been making some splatter pictures with the little ‘un. They are so jolly I just have to share.

2015-02-26 11.41.16


4 thoughts on “Rug in progress”

  1. I like your idea of making things for the house yourself and feel inspired to do so myself. I look forward to see the rug when it’s finished. What hook are you using?


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