Doily Doodles

I have a meandering mind and in one of my many Pinterest perambulations I came across this microscopic image of walnut wood. It looks like lace, right? I was fascinated by the regularity of the lines broken by the irregular circles, all joined with a lacy mesh. Irish crochet mesh? I have never had any desire to make the flowery, fussy designs that are typical to Irish crochet but the neatness, smallness and precision does appeal.  I also like the idea of trying something graphic and abstract.

Microscopic image of walnut tree

I pinched a 1mm crochet from Jo at Three Stories High (she is a fabulous craft resource) and she assured me that she would never need it back, whilst looking at me like a lunatic for even wanting to try making crochet lace. I was far too impatient to wait for my order of super fine No.30 DMC thread to arrive so I made a start with the only colour available in my local Hobbycraft, cream.

This is my first wobbly doodle. I made it up as I went along and my intention was to make a sample as a practice for a bigger piece. It is weebly but I quite like it and it got better as I went along. I wanted to give a sense of the organic connections in the walnut cell structure as well as achieving something of the technical finesse of traditional crochet lace. I also actually quite like the cream, which surprised me.


This is my second attempt, with my (small) hands to give an idea of scale. Still wobbly but the corners and straight lines are improving, especially with some aggressive blocking and pinning.

When my exciting package of DMC crochet threads arrived I started fiddling with some bits and they started to emerge into roots and branches. After a few evenings of obsessive teeny hooking I came up with this funny little lacy tree. It needs stretching and mounting to really do it justice, and there are a million little mistakes, but I learned a lot and I am gobsmacked that I actually made a lace thing that looks a bit like a tree.


I will definitely be doing more doodles, just as soon as my hands have recovered from all those titchy stitches. Perhaps I will finish that walnut cell doily doodle one day.


3 thoughts on “Doily Doodles”

  1. I love it, it has a real connection to nature, the tree has real movement too. You could try putting a fimo handle on the hook to give you more to old onto, as I said, I don’t need it back so pop it in the oven no problem. Maybe try it on a larger hook to get the grip right and then mould one for the teeny hook. Keep posting this is so fascinating.


    1. Thanks, I really like doing them even though they are a bit of a brain ache. I did think about fimo handles, in the process I discovered that the 28 yr old fimo that I had in the cupboard has the properties of mouldy breadcrumbs x


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