Crochet Pinwheel Jacket Remake

So this was an interesting challenge. My lovely sister-in-law has owned this crochet jacket for years. It was from a sample sale for a high-end knitwear company, made in China from merino and viscose. She loves it but the arms and the body were a bit too long and the body a little too narrow. I was drafted for technical advice!

I forgot to take a ‘before’ photo but here it is with its new boxy shape and stitch markers.


Look at those crochet circles. I actually don’t know how they are made but it looks like they are made in two semicircles with the colours carried around. I will confess to being slightly baffled. What I can say is that someone put a huge amount of work into it and to alter it will be slightly nerve wracking. If anyone has seen this motif pattern before I would be interested to know how it is constructed.


We decided, with some trepidation, to use the overlocker to cut off the excess length on the sleeves and then crochet a new border all around to bring it together at the front. The overlocking worked really well, phew.


We went on a sunshiny walk with the children and made a little detour past a lovely little shop called YAK (yarn and knitting, see what she did there) and I couldn’t resist a cheeky little purchase, just to support an independent yarn business you understand. Cosmic chaos! I just hope that I can find a lovely, simple shawl pattern that will do those amazing colours justice. Alex bought some dark brownish grey to add a simple border and bring all the colours together.

Anyway, the upshot of the jacket is that I have left her with yarn, crochet hook, some sketchy instructions on how to crochet a new border and the jacket will be reborn. She is of a very crafty persuasion so I have no doubt that she will finish it off beautifully, the whole garment looks so much better for its makeover.

Thanks for dropping in, I will let you know how I get with the Cosmic Chaos xxx


2 thoughts on “Crochet Pinwheel Jacket Remake”

  1. I would have been scared too! Nice yarn, the new shawl pattern from Cherry Heart is beautiful, I have it but have not yet started it – maybe a bit trad for you but take a look. Jo x


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