YurtFurtling at Glastonbury

The observant amongst you will notice that the title of this blog has changed. Now that I am a fully fledged yurtmaker’s assistant I am finding that life is increasingly more yurty and less yarny. So, we (Henry and Me) are officially joining forces as the YarnTangler and the YurtFurtler and this blog will be a little bit of all of it.


I will start with the big collaborative event of the year: Glastonbury Festival. We were very honoured to be working with the Glastonbury Joint Charities which is a collaboration between Greenpeace, WaterAid and Oxfam. And what an impressive bunch of committed activists they are.

The joint charities team did an amazing job with the decor and made the big yurt into a lush, colourful and relaxing space to escape from the hustle and bustle of the festival. My macrame plant hangers worked really well as part of the decor even if they were somewhat dwarfed by the stunning centre hanging centre piece.


I was taken by the fact that there were some giant crocheted foxgloves and bluebells outside the yurt; it was almost as if they knew! There was a wildflower theme to this area of the festival and the areas around the yurt had been planted with trees, grasses and native flowers.

We had a blast at the festival, despite the obvious challenges underfoot, and I was inspired and buoyed up by the spirit of creativity, cooperation, and skills sharing that underpins the whole event. It is essentially an enormous gathering of the best artists, performers, creatives, activists and immensely skilled, practical people from all over the world. It is hard not to be impressed.

We also got a rare chance to spend a few days with our good friends and colleagues Will and Suki from Cheltenham Yurt Hire. We couldn’t have done it without these glorious people by our side. So long, and thanks for all the glitter xxx



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