Never ending squares

I am in the blanket black hole. If you have ever crocheted a blanket (or knitted, or patchworked) you get to the  black hole and it seems to stretch for all eternity.

So many titchy little squares, in so many colours….

So I have developed strategies for easing the tedium. Sometimes I do all the middles first and line them up. That’s quite nice.


Sometimes I do lots of pretty circles….oooh, nice colours in a slightly different order.


Sometimes I pile them up in satisfying little stacks…


And sometimes I lay them out in rows just to check that I still like them.


And slowly, inexorably, a blanket emerges. Eventually it all becomes worth it, only about a thousand left to go….


We are off to Wales tomorrow in our new (to us) beige and maroon dream caravan. I am really looking forward to it, even if I do have to take the squares with me. Maybe one day I will be able to take one of those ‘ta dah’ pictures with my feet sticking out from underneath said blanket with the setting sun over the Atlantic horizon.

The good news is that Mr Yurtman has installed a teeny little wood burner in the caravan so we will be super cosy by the coast. I can be a little bit smug about that.

See you all soon xx





3 thoughts on “Never ending squares”

  1. Ah but those colors are great all together! Blankets are always worth it in the end, but getting to the end takes ages. I’ve never done a blanket like that before, and I don’t want to think about how long it would take, ha. I’ve crocheted multiple blankets, but more so of the row variety, not of the square-making kind (they always seemed so…well, time consuming xD ).

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