Alachigh adventures

With more than 10 years of nomadic tent making experience under our belts, we like to think that we know quite a lot about making yurts. But have you heard of the Alachigh (A-la -cheeg)?

I first came across Alachighs some years ago at the Bishops Wood Environment Centre where they had one made by Steve Place with a stunning hand-felted cover by Anne Belgrave. The frame was based on a traditional one from North West Iran that is in the Horniman Musuem in South London.

Alachigh by Steve Place and Anne Belgrave

This is a delight for my woolly and woody eyes! This tent had quite an impact on me some years ago after I attended a felt making course with Anne and I have always remembered it. Alachighs originate from Persia and are still used today by the Shahsavan tribe in Northern Iran. They are a similar construction to yurts but without the wall trellis.

Yurtmaker are currently working with Penhein Glamping in Monmouthshire on their luxury Alachigh campsite. The original alachighs were beautifully made by Yurts for Life and we have been commissioned to add an additional tent and replace the frame of an imported Iranian tent that had not fared so well in the damp british climate.  It has been a new and different challenge to make these beautiful tents in collaboration with the marvellous Spirits Intent, who have made the covers in their snowy, mountainous home.

The photos are a bit murky and Januaryish but here are the alachighs under construction. There are lots of interesting bendy bits of wood going on.

The new Yurtmaker alachighs are due to be delivered in the next few weeks and I will post some pictures of the finished article when they are complete. If you want a bit of pure luxury under canvas we would recommend Penheim, the alachighs come with ensuite toilet pods, wood burners and all the trimmings.

Penhein Alachigh by Yurts for Life



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