Big Wool

Occasionally my worlds of wool and wood collide. Last week this happened with a rather large woolly project in the form of an 18ft diameter needlefelted wool yurt liner. Traditional Central Asian yurts have felted wool covers with a high insulation value. Felt is not so good in our damp temperate climate but felt is still often used as an insulation layer under the canvas to give some protection from the cold and the heat of the sun.


This is me almost buried under 8mm wool felt. It’s a fabulous natural material that smells authentically sheepy and, when compared with other felt products that we have used, it doesn’t shed many fibres. It does come with some bonus bits of felted in thistle and occasional patches of brown fleece that shows that it is definitely straight from the back of a sheep. We borrowed a friend’s workshop for the sewing (thanks very much Loz) and, no, I don’t know why there is leopard above my head.


It was really quite successful although it is definitely a two person job as that felt weighs a ton. It has now been installed in it’s yurty home in Wiltshire where is hopefully keeping things a bit cooler in this hot, dry summer. I can happily report that it fitted perfectly!










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