Starting as I mean to go on

It has been a dampish and oddly warm January day and I am starting on my new blogging adventure. Be gentle with me, I am new to this. I have always been a crafter and I have experimented with a great many things from basketry to spoon carving but the one that has stuck with me has been crochet. Crochet is a calm port in a storm and, so far, still astonishes me with the amount of possibilities and projects that are possible from garments and the traditional doily to yarn bombing, political craftivism and the downright bonkers.

I can’t think of any better way to start a crochet and woolly things blog than a small shopping spree to my local yarn shop, we all need a little inspiration from time to time, well that’s my excuse anyway. I actually very rarely spend money on expensive wool but it feels like a special occasion.

2015-01-08 12.47.41

Ippikin in Much Wenlock is always a delight to the eyes and a danger to the purse! Whilst it can seem expensive at first (real wool always does), the quality of the products speak for themselves and who can resist this riot of colour and texture. I love good yarn and natural fibres and, whilst you can probably source similar cheaper online, there is no real substitute for squishing the balls and holding the colours next to each other.

2015-01-08 13.43.25

This is my little haul from my shopping trip, a slightly guilty treat! They may not look like a very coordinated combination but there is method in my madness, which I hope will become clear over the next couple of weeks. I have been wanting to try out some Noro yarn for ages so I really hope that it lives up my expectations. I am not usually that keen on colour change yarn but the colours in this are stunning.

I hope that you come back again to have a look at the things that I have made. Bye for now.



4 thoughts on “Starting as I mean to go on”

  1. Mary, I’m so excited that you’ve started a blog! I’ll be following it avidly. I have almost zero experience with making wooly things but would like to get into it. I think your blog will be a real inspiration! Love you xxx


  2. What a lovely start, I too love Ippikins and have to drag myself into the butchers each week instead of the wool shop next door. I love the crochet rug you have made and will pop by soon x


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