Bunny hops

Two scampery rabbits, Betty and Bugsy, have recently joined our household and all things bunny related are suddenly very popular.

Bunny Slippers

These slippers were a quick make and have proved to be extremely popular with a younger member of the family. She also loves purple so I made these using a double strand of Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester DK in Lilac and Heather. I also used a bit of pink that was in my basket, not sure what that was. I based them on the LoopyKidz Super Simple Slippers pattern, which was easy to follow and really is super simple. These are not a technical make but if you want a quick, cosy crowd pleaser they are perfect.

I have also recently discovered pom pom makers thanks to my crafting friend and blogger Jo at Three Stories High. You can just see one pom pom tail peeking out from the back. Mine are made by Clover and are about £5 for 2 which is well worth it for the time saved in wrapping wool around bits of fiddly cardboard.

My top tip for these slippers is to make them a bit smaller than you think because they are quite stretchy and won’t stay on the feet if they are baggy.

Bunny Slippers5

Meet Bugsy and Betty…

2015-01-08 16.08.42


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