Celestine Star with funny knobbly Noro


Hello little sad, neglected blog! Life has been a bit busy of late but I have been crocheting away on a number of secret projects, all of which will be revealed in due course. I have started my post today with the handsome Mr Tom who lives in Tel Aviv and is the proud owner of the first celestine crochet star I ever made. I have made four of these now which are owned by various small children: Tom, Arlo, Iris and Greta. I put a rattle inside made from the plastic capsule inside a Kinder egg and some lentils.

The pattern is available as a free pdf download from Berroco.

I made my most recent one for my gorgeous new niece Greta. We have just spent the weekend together so I have had a lot of blissful newborn cuddles. I have made the previous ones from self patterning merino which made for a lovely result. For this one I thought that I had found the perfect project for the Noro yarn that I bought some months ago and has proved a tricky customer with other projects. Firstly, it does this….twisty, twisty.

2015-04-12 13.24.09It is also really slubby and varies widely in thickness so the results are fairly knobbly and uneven. The colours are lovely though, so I persisted with the knobblyness. The star is made from 12 points that are joined as you go, it looks complicated but it really isn’t.

2015-04-12 14.11.39

2015-04-12 14.11.53
urrrm, already looking quite knobbly


The finished article is a rather strangely shaped sea creature but the colours work well and I don’t think that Greta minds a few uneven bits. I will probably go back to my trusty merino next time but maybe I have made enough of these stars now.

Bye for now, Mary x


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