Rainbow Rattle Snake Amigurumi


Meet my new friend the rattle snake. For those of you who may be easily confused this is snake that rattles, not an anatomically correct rattlesnake! He was a quick make for little Poppy’s first birthday and was inspired by the left over rainbow cotton yarn that I used for my #MandalasForMarinke contribution. When I first started writing this blog I imagined that I would only post very tasteful, scandi inspired creations in grown up colours. However, it would seem that I am often making funny little toys and really enjoying myself.


My favourite thing about making amigurumi is that I can make it up as I go along. This was actually the thing that first appealed to me about crochet: the ability to make improvised three dimensional objects without a pattern. I rarely use patterns and, if I do, I tend to fiddle with them and change them as I go along. They are just guidelines, right? I also enjoy the process of seeing a character emerge as I construct a toy. This one is pretty simple and designed for being grasped in a little hand and waved around, and perhaps being vigorously chewed.

I think he is a jolly, if simple, little chap and he has proved particularly useful for whacking sisters over the head, as my two year old discovered to her joy. I put a rattly bell in his head that has been in my sewing basket for at least 20 years and makes a nice but subtle jingle.



I hope you enjoy your new home with Poppy!


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