Lovely Lola’s Bouquet

IMG_3639I wrote sometime ago about the bespoke wedding bouquet that I really enjoyed making for Caris. I also made one for her beautiful daughter Lola who has an equally flamboyant taste in clothes. She was persuaded out of the orange racoon option and ended up with an amazing flamingo dress with personalised turquoise baseball boots.

The bouquet was constructed in the same way at Caris’s around a polystyrene ball with a bit of wooden dowel and a long decking screw to hold it all together. I made simple crochet flowers from memory and added buttons in contrasting pink, turquoise, lime and yellow.





Like the original bouquet, this is actually more of embroidery and sewing project than a crochet project, but I like the mix of different techniques and the varied textures.

12 year old Lola walked her mum down the aisle and read a passage from the Velveteen Rabbit at the ceremony. There was hardly a dry eye in the house. She has also inherited her mother’s photogenic gene and I think you will agree that they make a very handsome pair. Much love to both of you xx



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