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It was distinctly nippy here at YurtMaker headquarters this morning and so a good time to feel smug about our sizeable log pile! We run our central heating and hot water for the house on wood and solar and we are now processing and stacking our firewood for winter 2017/18. We also have wood burners in the two workshops that run on waste yurt wood and shavings.


We source green hardwood from local sources, this load came from the Small Woods Association and was felled less than 5 miles from here. Chopping wood is Henry’s favourite hobby, he is in his element!

We decided that we would have a go at circular wood stacks this year and the first of these does look mighty attractive. We had a bonfire party last weekend and several guests said ‘you aren’t planning to burn that are you?’ The stacking takes a little practice and more attention to detail than the standard linear stack but I found it quite addictive.


It was worth doing the circular stack because all the family wanted to get involved. We share our house with my parents and our two children, so we had quite a few willing helpers. I was stacking too, not just taking pictures, I promise.

These are my feet in my hand knitted Scottish socks (obviously) enjoying the warmth from the Morso boiler stove. I prefer channel Morso to the TV to be honest, and this is where I am to be found happily crafting most winter evenings. Wood and wool, my happy place xx




One thought on “Log Blog”

  1. Hello lovely! That circular woodpile is like an Andy Goldsworthy artwork – beautiful! Are wood and solar the most sustainable ways of heating a house? Do you manage to get enough hot water just from solar energy or does the wood burner heat water too? Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks! xx


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