Harmony Sunburst Blanket

So it is finally finished! All 204 titchy little squares. I have written about this blanket before in Harmony Sunburst Granny, WIP and Never ending squares so I won’t go over all the details again, but it has turned out to be really rather lovely.



I made this for the big daughter, Holly, but here is the littlest pickle testing the unfinished blanket for cosiness in her usual helpful manner.

It looks like I might have to make another one…maybe next winter.

I should mention again that I have used the Attic 24 Harmony Blanket Kit from Wool Warehouse which was good value for money and the colours are well put together. It is acrylic, which is never my first choice, but it is intended for a child’s bed and washability is a priority.

Can you spot two squares the same? There are some. It is interesting looking at the whole blanket like this and seeing which colours pop out. I particularly like the lime and I have subconsciously used quite a lot of it. I detest that sickly Aster pink but it looks great against the other colours and seems to lift it.


There are a few issues with it. Because I left it for so long between making squares (I was utterly fed up with it for a while) my tension was totally different and some of the later squares are inexplicably much bigger than others, which offends my desire for regularity. This also means that the edges are a bit wavy in places. It got a lot better when I blocked it and in just a couple of weeks of use it seems to have settled down. The edges will never be totally straight but it still looks good.


I toyed with various edgings picking up my favourite colours from the blanket but, as ever, I settled for simplicity with a plain petrol blue edging. I won’t be making another in a hurry although I love how it turned out. The next one will have bigger squares, much bigger squares.



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