We are flagging. Flagging in the sense that we have teamed up with the fantastic Jon and Kate of Four and Twenty Arts to add colourful, glorious festival flags to our repertoire of things festival and celebratory.  I have been getting to grips with sewing slippery poly-silk (not without some bad words along the way) and enjoying seeing them come together.

Look at those tasty colours, yum yum….


This is our garden covered with silky flags. We have been refashioning some of the flags from offcuts in our usual thrifty, resourceful fashion.



We are also flagging because we have been so very busy with weddings and festivals.  Tomorrow we fly to Viano Do Costelo, Portugal, for a well-earned break. Henry will rest his yurtmaker’s tired back and I will rest my sewing/typing fingers and addled brain.

Our last festival outing of the year was to the wonderful Wilderness Festival for a weekend of colourful, glittery family fun. Our 42ft yurt was the home of the stretch yoga team for the weekend. We gained some flag inspiration and the kids had a ball.


Maeve was the subject of many coos and smiles as she settled down to sleep in the work wheelbarrow. This man felt the urge to tell her a spontaneous bedtime story of Jack and the Chicken.

It’s been crazy busy but loads of fun….



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