Bringing the yurts home

It is amazing to us that we have made a successful business out of yurts! We started out by living in a little yurt that Henry made with old hand tools in his mum and dad’s outhouse and now we make 40ft and even 50ft gurt yurts that go to prestigious events, nearly feature in a Bridget Jones film (ours was in the outtakes!) and have seen so many lovely, happy couples get wed.

We spend most of the summer months moving bits of yurt around the country to weddings, festivals and events. It has been a long season this year! We love our job but it is also good to come home, take stock and put the yurts to bed for the winter.


The last outing this year for the 42ft was for our own community. We live as part of a little self-build community where I grew up and that we now live as an extended family. Lightmoor New Community had its 30th birthday party  (I was eight when we moved here, I will let you do the maths) and a party was definitely in order. It was a fantastic day of silly games, home-grown music, performances by the children and remembering the 30 years we have lived and worked together to build our special little community.

We discovered that a circular dance floor makes for a perfect human hungry hippos arena.


It is important to us that we can give a little back with our business. This year we also have supported Greenpeace, Shropshire Wildlife Trust and local good causes by donating yurts and giving discounts.

After a much needed break messing about with giant trousers, silly science experiments, dancing our socks off and sampling the local real ale, we are now back in the workshop doing essential maintenance and making new yurts. We are also making some new flags, a bar and updating our lighting package…it’s all getting busy again.


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